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Annual Events & Committees

CIWBA relies upon committees in order for its annual events to be successful.  The following describes the committees, their responsibilities, and the time commitment for each. If you would like to join a committee, please email ciwba@ciwba.org.

Women Lead Committee:

Previously, there was a CLE Luncheon committee and the duties of that group are now under the Women Lead Committee. Women Lead puts on informative, inspirational CLEs on issues that impact women in the local legal community and beyond. Committee members are responsible for reserving the dates at Maldaner’s, securing speakers, communicating the final count to Maldaner’s, and sending out the CLE certificates to the attendees and speakers. Women Lead provides mentoring circles in a small group setting to network and support each other’s professional and personal development. Committee members are responsible for organizing mentoring circles, training group leaders, and providing written materials for potential group discussion topics. This committee should have six to eight members.

Events Committee:

One Co-Chair will be responsible for the Sojourn Fundraiser and one will be responsible for the Judicial Reception. The committee is also responsible for Take Your Child to Work Day. The Events Committee should be made up of five to seven members.


The Sojourn Fundraiser is held in October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Committee members will be responsible for securing event location, selecting menu, and most importantly obtaining sponsorships for the event from local business and law firms. CIWBA seeks firms and local businesses to sponsor the event to cover the costs of the location and food so that the cost of attendance can be donated to Sojourn. 


Take Your Child to Work Day is held on the last Thursday in April.  CIWBA puts on a mock trial for kids ages 3 and up.  The mock trial has a fairy tale or Disney story theme and teaches the children about the aspects of a trial.  Judge Sue Myerscough has been an enthusiastic partner of this event for many years.  Committee members are responsible for coordinating the event with Judge Myerscough, choosing a script, finding people to play the different parts, purchasing cookies and punch, and attending the event to ensure everything runs smoothly.


The Judicial Reception typically takes place in May.  All local attorneys and current and retired judges are invited to enjoy cocktails and appetizers and network at this event.  Committee members are responsible for finding a date and location, creating and printing save the dates and invitations, coordinating the food order, and inviting current and retired judges.

Scholarship Committee:  

One chairperson will be responsible for receiving the applications and communicating with the coordinator of Law Day.  The scholarship is a joint effort of CIWBA and SCBA and is given out at the Law Day luncheon, which is the first Wednesday in May. A $2,000 scholarship is given out to a woman that plans to attend law school and that graduated from a high school in a county in Central Illinois.  The committee updates all forms, publicizes the scholarship, reviews all the applications and selects a winner. The chairperson should notify the winner and invite her to Law Day. The time commitment for the committee is about three to four hours. This committee should be made up of five to seven members.


All board positions must attend board meetings.  In July and January, the board will meet in person to plan the calendar of events for the next six-month period, review committee staffing and needs, and ensure dates and locations for events are secured.  Between these two planning meetings, the board will hold monthly or bimonthly conference calls at a time to be determined. Board members regularly emails to discuss issues or questions that arise and to keep everyone apprised of pertinent information.  Outside of the duties outlined below, board members may be assigned other responsibilities as necessary. Board members will be required to be on at least one committee.

CIWBA Officers & Duties

If you want to know more about the organization and how to get involved, please contact any of the officers or send an inquiry to ciwba@ciwba.org.

President - Antonette Palumbo, antonette.palumbo@illinois.gov

President:  The president oversees the activities and events of the CIWBA, ensuring the committees are staffed and the events run smoothly, organizes and sets the agenda for board meetings, carries out tasks to advance the purpose of the organization, and promotes membership.  The president also maintains correspondence with other local bar associations to promote events and encourage new members to join. This role requires a great deal of availability for behind-the-scenes tasks. President must serve as co-chair on at least one committee. The term of the President ends in even-numbered year (2020, 2022, ect).

Vice President - Amanda Kimmel, asckimmel@gmail.coM

Vice President:  The primary duty of the vice president is collecting membership forms and maintaining the membership roll for each membership year.  This entails maintaining a spreadsheet of members as each member signs up, ensuring dues have been paid, curating the email list to ensure that only paid members are receiving emails, and fielding membership questions. The vice president should also assist with keeping the website up to date, recruiting members, and spreading the word about CIWBA throughout the community.  Vice President must serve as co-chair on at least one committee. The term of the Vice-President ends in odd-numbered year (2021, 2023, ect).

Treasurer - Maureen Faller, maureenfaller@psbank.net

Treasurer:  The Treasurer maintains the check book, cash box and invoices for Central Illinois Women’s Bar Association. The Treasurer balances and reconciles the bank statements each month, monthly summaries of the transactions to the Board Members at meetings and makes a budget to be discussed at the first meeting of the new Board. Additionally, the Treasurer collects payments for membership dues and organization activities, and pays the expenses for the events. Treasurer could be asked to attend the luncheons, Sojourn Fundraiser and Judicial Reception to help collect the money at the door and write the check to the vendors at the end of the event. The Treasurer shall take minutes of meetings when the Secretary is not present. On average this role would require 2-3 hours of work a month. The term of the Treasurer ends in odd-numbered year (2021, 2023, ect).

Secretary - KAte HAll, Kate.hall@co.sangmon.il.us

Secretary:  The secretary takes down the minutes of board meetings, tracks event RSVPs, manages the CIWBA Facebook page, creates events flyers, sends out the notices about CIWBA and other local events, and manages the website and calendar of events for the organization.  This role requires work each month to maintain the CIWBA listserv, send out emails, and create flyers, sometimes requiring weekly emails. The Secretary shall collect monies at events where the Treasurer is not present. The term of the Secretary ends in even-numbered year (2020, 2022, ect).


CIWBA was founded in 1982.  Many prominent attorneys in the Springfield area have been members and past presidents of the organization.  CIWBA often partners with other local bar associations, such as the Sangamon County Bar Association and the Government Bar Association to put on events.