Background on CIWBA


CIWBA was founded in 1982.  Many prominent attorneys in the Springfield area have been members and past presidents of the organization.  CIWBA often partners with other local bar associations, such as the Sangamon County Bar Association and the Government Bar Association to put on events.  



Benefits of Membership

Membership in CIWBA is on a one-year basis and costs $35 each year for a standard membership.  Renewal is open each fall.  Attorneys working for the Office of the State’s Attorney, Office of the Attorney General, and Public Defender’s Office can join for $25. Attorneys new to the practice of law (between zero and three years of practice) can join the organization for $20. Members receive discounted rates ($18 versus $20 for nonmembers) to the quarterly luncheons and the Sojourn Fundraiser.  Only members receive emails advertising CLE luncheons and other events.  Members who also wish to join the Government Bar Association can join both organizations for $30 each.  



CIWBA Officers



Antonette Palumbo

vice President

Abby Sgro


Maureen Faller


Amanda Kimmel